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Spreadsheet School

Spreadsheets shouldn't be scary!

If they are, we're here to help - with free videos and blogs or longer courses for beginners and improvers.

You can learn how to make spreadsheets work for you - speed up boring tasks, make less human errors and use data to excel at your job.

If you want to be data confident, we think it's a great idea to start with spreadsheets.

Short and Sweet

Free 5-minute videos on tech and data!

Want to understand an emerging technology (e.g. why are Neural Networks called a black box)?

Or learn a new skill - maybe how to create dropdown lists in spreadsheets?

We have a range of videos from our amazing humans,
including photography, social media, coding, robotics and payments.

Become Data Confident

Everyone should be Data Confident - but this doesn't look the same for everyone.

Whether you want to learn data to use in your current job, or want to become a data professional, find the courses and resources to help you.

Maybe you want to rock spreadsheets, or learn how to analyse data using Python, data doesn't discriminate based on the tools you use and neither do we.

Creating beautiful graphs, crunching simple statisitcs or building complex models - whatever you are trying to do, it's important you feel confident doing it.

We want to help 100 women become Data Confident in 2022


Become One of Our Educators

Are you passionate about a topic you're an expert on?

If you have education experience (formal or not), amazing!

If not, don't worry we have lots of resources and schemes to help you find your feet.

Meet our awesome educators.

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We are steered by our community - we're always learning and trying to improve.

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