Spreadsheet School

After the success of our in-person Spreadsheet School last year, we have decided to make a Short and Sweet Spreadsheet Series. We love Spreadsheets and want you to as well. We'll be starting with some content aimed at those who feel overwhelmed by Spreadsheets. But we plan to add some more advanced content soon. We use Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets in all our sessions.

Session #1 - Intro to Spreadsheet Terms

In this video, we discuss commonly used terms (such as cell, sheet, function) to help make Spreadsheets more clear.


Web Development - HTML & CSS

We are working on more online content.

For now, a great way to get started is using the resources on W3Schools. It has a list of all HTML and CSS, and how to use it. You can access it here, or you can simply Google what you are stuck on. For example try Googling, html borders w3schools

CodePen in an in-browser website builder. It's really useful as you don't need to download any software or worry about where files are on your computer.

Web Development - Javascript

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Data (including SQL)

Coming soon.